Soccer’s glo­bal super­stars inspi­re new mar­kets on 1xBet

Soccer’s glo­bal super­stars inspi­re new mar­kets on 1xBet

Wes­tern european ope­ra­tor 1xBet has enhan­ced both its B2B and B2C offe­ring with the all new “Play­er vs Play­er” and “Play­er vs Team” mar­kets.

Pun­ters is now able to bet on a new play­er to rating more goals than the com­ple­te oppo­sing team, as well as gamb­ling on a new play­er to score more goals than a par­ti­cu­lar play­er of the oppo­sing team.

For examp­le, if the match is Moroc­co vs Por­tu­gal, it might be pos­si­ble for a custo­mer to place a wager on Cris­tia­no Ronal­do to rating more goals than the com­ple­te Moroccan team.

Euge­ne Kiryuk­hin, 1xBet’s Direc­tor for Deve­lop­ment of Inter­na­tio­nal Part­ners, was quick to stress the value of this new offe­ring, by tel­ling: “Foot­ball is a team game. But some­ti­mes foot­ball play­ers beco­me super­stars with fans of their own – and an moti­va­ti­on for the young.”

He added: “Often, the who­le team is orga­nis­ed around one star foot­bal­ler. And so, we thought it would be inte­res­ting to eva­lua­te the con­tri­bu­ti­on of play­ers to the over­all match result, by making use of our new mar­kets.”

The firm also announ­ced its Wager Buil­der opti­on, that allows custo­mers to com­bi­ne several bets into one with the best chan­ces, with mar­ket­pla­ces such as match result, dual chan­ce, total goals, right rating all avail­ab­le.

The new addi­ti­ons come after 1xBet increa­sed its adver­ti­sing pre­sence last month when pro­tec­ting a long-term con­tract with Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, beco­m­ing the membership’s ‘Offi­ci­al Bet­ting Part­ner for Afri­ca’.

The com­pa­ny will get coverage at the club’s home fits via the LED peri­me­ter sys­tem, and a pre­sence on the new web­site and digi­tal chan­nels over the con­ti­nent until 2022.

Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur in-sta­di­um adver­ti­sing boost for 1xBet

1xWager will come with an adver­ti­sing pre­sence at the new Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur sta­di­um after secu­ring a long-term con­tract to be the membership’s Stan­dard Bet­ting Part­ner for Afri­ca.

The ope­ra­tor will get coverage at the golf club’s home fits via the LED peri­me­ter sys­tem, and a exis­tence on the new web­site and digi­tal chan­nels across the con­ti­nent until 2022.

Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, who’ll again com­pe­te in the Cham­pi­ons Group and play in their new sta­di­um through the 2018/19 sea­son, alrea­dy has 100 mil­li­on sup­por­ters across Afri­ca and com­ple­te­ly mobi­li­sed offi­ci­al Sup­por­ters’ Clubs in Gha­na, Nige­ria and South Afri­ca.

The col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, which matches 1xWager’s ongo­ing use the CAF Afri­can Nati­ons Cup and Nige­ri­an Foot­ball Asso­cia­ti­on, comes just a week after 1xBet was named as a ‘Glo­bal Bet­ting Part­ner’ for new­ly-pro­mo­ted Car­diff City in a two-year deal.

Fran Jones, Head of Part­nerships at Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, said: “We are delight­ed to wel­co­me 1xBet to the Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur part­ner fami­ly and appearan­ce for­ward to dealing with them to enga­ge with and grow our Afri­can group of fans.”

Euge­ne Kiryuk­hin, 1xWager’s Direc­tor for Deve­lop­ment of Inter­na­tio­nal Com­pa­n­ions, com­men­ted: “We are thril­led to indi­ca­ti­on with Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur, they have impres­sed us with their visi­on for the future, their play­ers, their new sta­di­um and we are focu­sed on hel­ping one ano­t­her grow in Afri­ca. We anti­ci­pa­te working along­si­de and assis­ting them.”

A spo­kes­per­son for 1xWager added: “Tot­ten­ham is one of the very most popu­lar Eng­lish night clubs. As much as nine Tot­ten­ham play­ers par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the semi-finals of the recent World Glass. In par­ti­cu­lar, for­ward Har­ry Kane was named top goal scorer and goal­kee­per Hugo Lloris cap­tai­ned World Cup win­ners Fran­ce.”

To com­me­mo­ra­te the release, 1xWager is offe­ring the golf club’s sup­por­ters the chan­ce to win a signed tee shirt if inde­ed they can suc­cess­ful­ly pre­dict which Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur play­er scores our first goal at home this year.

1xBet unites with to streng­t­hen glo­bal deve­lop­ment

Online sports­book and gamb­ling house ope­ra­tor, 1xBet has part­ne­red with to roll out the firm’s acqui­ring solu­ti­on on its plat­form.

As due to the rela­ti­ons­hip, 1xWager has been able to boost the appro­val of credit and debit credit card tran­sac­tions, fur­ther enhan­cing its consumer’s expe­ri­ence, some­thing that was high­light­ed at this sum­mer time’s World Glass, whe­re in fact the com­pa­ny was able to catch addi­tio­nal tran­sac­tions, volu­me and inco­me.

Mat­thew Har­rod, Vice Chief exe­cu­ti­ve, Euro­pe of sta­ted: “We have focu­sed inten­se­ly on pro­vi­ding bes­po­ke ans­wers to the gaming indus­try, while cate­ring to the vary­ing needs of cli­ents across an inter­na­tio­nal spec­trum. The suc­cess of the 1xWager part­nership to date shows the need for a detail­ed working roman­tic rela­ti­ons­hip and the value of spe­cia­list pro­vi­ders.”

Foun­ded in 2007, 1xBet has tur­ned into a strong play­er in online wage­ring space, ope­ra­ting more than 1,000 wage­ring occa­si­ons dai­ly to over 400,000 new users. 1xWager caters across a varie­ty of gaming mar­ket­pla­ces inclu­ding sports activi­ties, live wage­ring and gamb­ling estab­lish­ment.

The fast-gro­wing com­pa­ny acqui­red long been see­king the right solu­ti­on to impro­ve tran­sac­tion through­put and opti­mi­se its mar­ke­ting initia­ti­ves. In ear­ly 2017, 1xWager and ent­e­red into a mul­ti-face­ted agree­ment wher­e­by was selec­ted to pro­vi­de glo­bal mer­chant pay­ment pro­ces­sing to aid 1xBet’s inter­na­tio­nal growth plans.

Ili­as Aga­tho­kei­ous, CEO of Exin­vest (1xBET) also spo­ke of the new offer: “We’­ve seen our busi­ness grow sub­stan­ti­al­ly on a world­wi­de sca­le,’s abi­li­ty to pro­cess pay­ments world­wi­de through an indi­vi­du­al inte­gra­ti­on with usa­ge of its port­fo­lio of acqui­rers, along with con­ver­gent acqui­ring to opti­mi­se accep­tan­ce rati­os, has enab­led us to increa­se reve­nue due to high accep­tan­ce and con­ver­si­ons.”

Way­ne Berg­man, Chief Inco­me Offi­cer of added, “It is clear to us and our acqui­ring com­pa­n­ions why 1xWager has alrea­dy estab­lished the suc­cess it has with its focus on opti­mi­sing the over­all custo­mer expe­ri­ence. We are proud of the inno­va­ti­on we’­ve been in a posi­ti­on to pro­vi­de to 1xWager and others in the gaming indus­try. It’s the pur­po­se to fur­ther expand and ser­vice their spe­ci­fic needs over the approa­ching years as the rela­ti­ons­hip deve­lops fur­ther.”